HP Scanjet4470c and WinXP...

  [email protected] 10:20 06 Jul 2003

*see also thread 96428*.
Is anyone running this scanner with XP satisfactorily?
2nd question. 2 PC's, one on ground floor one on 2nd floor. Same ADSL connection, same person operating, same everything, only ever 1 PC at a time (old person/lots of stairs!). AntiVirus renewed on PC1, now unable to connect PC2 to AntiVirus supplier for updating despite same FireWall operating on both. (the word Bounce appears in all the URL's and I am even unable to Log into the site).It was possible to connect either for regular updating before.
If I buy a new CD player I dont expect to renew my CD collection, so whats wrong?

  Lú-tzé 14:08 06 Jul 2003

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