HP Scanjet 3010 - long warm-up time

  AlanHo 19:13 23 Oct 2007

I have an HP Scanjet 3010 connected to my Vista computer which works fine - except for excessive warm-up time.

The scan speed is quite quick - takes only about 15 seconds to scan an A4 image - but it takes ages to warm up.

When I place an original under the lid and press the scan button - it sits there for 3.5 minutes with the occasional buzz and twitch - before it does the preview scan. I then press the "accept" button and it sits there for about a minute before taking the actual 15 second scan.

If I then put another original under the lid immediately, it sits there for only a few seconds before setting off for the preview scan - but still takes about 30 seconds after accepting the preview before taking the final scan. If I wait for more than a minute or so between originals - I am back to the 3 minute warm-up all over again.

Is this normal ?. My previous HP scanner only took about a minute to warm up (but was slower to do the actual scan of the document).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:31 23 Oct 2007

My 5200 is aso slow to warm up on the first scan.

  AlanHo 09:36 24 Oct 2007

I have solved the problem

After some fiddling around in the menu structure I found a tick box to "Extend Lamp Timeout"

The result is after not using the scanner for 30 minutes (virtually a cold start) the warm up time has been drastically reduced. It is now seconds rather than minutes.

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