HP Repayment Software Calculator

  time and a half 12:32 10 Feb 2005

Doea anyone know where I can get hold of software to calculate HP interest and repayment schedules over specified periods. Pfreferably free !!!!

  Rand Al Thor 12:51 10 Feb 2005

Excel has financial functions. You may be able to use those.

  stlucia 12:58 10 Feb 2005

Yes, see the PMT and PPMT functions in the Exel help index.

  Djohn 13:04 10 Feb 2005

This may be what your looking for? an application to calculate loan repayments for UK based finance. Free download of the program. click here May need to change your name to "Double time" to make the repayments. ;o)

  Djohn 13:06 10 Feb 2005

Screenshot of the application. click here

  pj123 14:05 10 Feb 2005

MS Works also has a template called Mortgage and Loan Analysis. If you have MS Works give it a whirl.

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