HP PSC1210 - connecting a win 98 laptop over a net

  TomG 10:42 26 Jan 2005


I've a wireless network with 2 XP machines and a Win2k laptop. Attached to one of the XP machines is a PSC 1210 all in one printer/copier/scanner the other two machines connect to the printer via the wireless network.

I'm now adding a win98 laptop to the network. The laptop works fine on the network but I cannot install the printer on the 98 machine.

I start the printer wizard and am able to select the printer, the wizard then brings up the list of supported printers. The 1210 isn't on the list, naturally, so I select have disk - the CD has a number folders marked win 9x_me and I have tried them all in the hunt for the driver. I did find one but when I selected it I was taken back to the wizard window that lists all supported printers (except this time there is nothing shown in the windows - if I click next nothing happens?

HP say I cannot install the drivers because the Winxp machines won't share (???????).

Any suggestions please?

  recap 11:18 26 Jan 2005

Try first to disable the XP firewall, this may be preventing you from accessing the printer from the 98 machine.

On the 98 machine can you access the network via Network Neighborhood? If so you may be able to connect the printer from there?

  TomG 12:11 26 Jan 2005


I'm not using the xp firewall (my firewall is in my router).

I tried network neighborhood but had the same problem

  recap 12:32 26 Jan 2005

When in W98 have you tried the "Network Printer" option in the Add Printer Wizard?

  TomG 15:57 26 Jan 2005

Yes I did.

I spoke to HP (who manufactured the printer) they don't think I can connect the win98 machine to the network printer, Spoke to Dell (who made the Win98 machine) they do not support HP printers (so?) and tried Microsoft (who make money) who said might be able to do it but give us £49 + VAT first.

  gedr 20:42 26 Jan 2005

Glad you can retain your sense of humour.


  TomG 17:32 27 Jan 2005

I just thought that that it would be so simple - I think I'm going to have mure luck finding Shergar (though I was in burger king this morning....)

  Kegger 18:12 27 Jan 2005

try here click here

  TomG 18:44 27 Jan 2005


Thanks - I've got the drivers but I cannot get the prinetr wizard to work properly

  Kegger 18:54 27 Jan 2005

The link was purely for win 9X drivers, however
Do you want to just use the MFD as a printer on the win 98 machine if so you can install a generic driver HP PSC 920 should do the trick

  TomG 19:29 27 Jan 2005


Well I downloaded the drivers but still get the same problem - I get as far as selecting the inf file and am then taken back to a dialogue box that is similar to the one that shows all the installed drivers but in this instance there are no installed drivers shown just have disc - I click on next and nothing happens.

maybe the printer wizard is corrupt (can it be corrupt?)

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