Hp psc printer problem

  MorningBard 08:05 26 May 2005

Hi All some help if you can please. Been trying to help a friend online with her printer..its an HP psc 950 on windows 98 it has been installed and used then came up with error message to check connections or reinstall drivers. She did this but no change, she uninstalled printer removed all software unplugged printer from pc and tried a clean install of same.. but computer refuses to recognise printer any ideas please apart from use of large hammer!!!!

Thanks in advance

  Graham ® 08:42 26 May 2005

Is it showing in Device Manager under USB devices?

  Graham ® 08:47 26 May 2005

It will have to be powered up to show.

  MorningBard 09:53 26 May 2005

hi graham no not showing in printers and scanners

  Graham ® 09:55 26 May 2005

Look under USB Root hub.

  MorningBard 21:28 26 May 2005

hi ....printer showed up in power bit in power properties...can't delete or remove .. what should i do now

  Graham ® 21:53 26 May 2005

I can only surmise that the printer has failed. I have a PSC 1215, they can be bought very cheap now. Try Asda, Comet, etc.

  trevpearson 07:06 27 May 2005

Remove the USB Printer Hub device in Device Manager then restart the Computer. You should get a message "New Hardware Found", the Hub will be re-installed. Then try installing the PSC.

  MorningBard 08:29 27 May 2005

Morning all...the printer works fine on her laptop so not fault in that...as another problem ..ia also having a problem now with opening cd drawer but i think that might just be a bug ...unless someone knows otherwise .. thanks so for for help ..am awaiting results of deleting the printer hub.

  Audeal 13:31 27 May 2005

Just a little reminder that the printer MUST NOT be connected when instaling the drivers. This is easy to overlook when installing hardware. Worth mentioning, I think.

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