HP psc 2110 printer cartridge question...

  nick_j007 11:34 13 May 2003

Morning all!

I need some clarification (will take all day if I ask HP!).
I have just installed the #58 cartridge (the photo one) in my printer, thinking that I could run that along side a black (#56) as it has two bays. It would seem not as the #57 (regular colour cartridge) is running painfully low and the new colour one has made no visible difference. Are you still with me? Hope so, I'm lost already!
I guess now that the photo cartride (#58) adds an additional element to the photo print rather than offering the main colours, and it should be run alongside a fully functioning #57. Please tell me if this deduction is correct.
Also (!), as the black only cartridge uses the same bay as the photo one, I think I am best to remove the photo cartridge when doing extensive 'black only' printing?
I suspect I am in fact along the right lines, but a little reassurance would be most welcome.
Phew! Hope it was clear enough.

Regards, Nick Jones

  OneSirKnight 11:52 13 May 2003
  nick_j007 12:06 13 May 2003

Link saved to my desktop thank you OneSirKnight.
The article seems to roughly bare out what I was saying, so I will need another regular colour cartridge to use along side my photo one for photo use only , and then use a regular black most of the time.


  TimC 12:31 13 May 2003

nick_j007 - my Photosmart P7150 uses the same cartridges, and the holders are similar to the ones in the pictures in the above link, however they are marked with which cartridges should be put in which slot - i.e. one just has 57 on the tab that locks the cartridge in place, whilst the other has 56 and 58. This leaves little room for doubt. If yours doesn't have these markings (like it doesn't in the images) it seems to be a fairly basic omission - it might be worth marking the tabs, as presumably you should put them the right way round?

  TimC 12:37 13 May 2003

Another comment - just seen this, with regard to storing cartridges:

Found click here

If you must remove a cartridge from the printer:
1. Place the cartridge in an airtight, rigid plastic container. Use the cartridge protector provided with HP photo cartridges, if available, to keep the nozzles from touching the container.
2. Store the COLOR cartridge with nozzles DOWN.
Store the BLACK cartridge with nozzles UP.
3. Seal the container.
4. Store at room temperature.

Do not allow the nozzles on the bottom of the cartridge to touch the bottom or side of the rigid plastic container. If the nozzles contact the container, the ink colors could mix, or ink could drain out of the cartridge.
Do not re-tape the cartridge.
Do not place the cartridge in a plastic bag.

Haven't been doing that - time to fine a suitable box!

  nick_j007 10:14 14 May 2003

I'm ok about which cartridges go where; as you say it's pretty clear.
I was getting confused as to what the photo cartridge does and which cartridge to run along side it. I think all is clear now though, or it will be when I take delivery of a new colour one.


Will look into that link too.

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