HP printer Wont Print

  hawthorn59 22:03 28 Jun 2007

Hi Folks

I have a simple HP F300 all in one printer. Its only a couple of months old, and Ive hardly used it. I tried to print a page tonight and it was out of paper. So I loaded paper, but it wont print.

Ive tried turning it off, disconnecting usb cable, unplugging it, but all to no avail.

I tried to print a test page and it wont print that either.

When I select File/Print the status is paper out. As far as I can see I have the paper in far enough.

Strangely enough it WILL copy a page, and it takes the paper and prints it out....! But it wont print, and Ive tried different documents. What the heck is going on!?



  provider 2 22:13 28 Jun 2007

Hp usually plants its Digital Imaging Monitor in the Notification Area. Have you tried using this? It`s a sort of control panel for printing and scanning etc.

  justme 22:58 28 Jun 2007

Have you tried looking at the printers section of the control panel?. Perhaps the printer is marked as "Printing paused" due to the printer having no paper when it tried to print.

If this is the case it is easy to start it again by clicking the appropriate button.

  hawthorn59 00:02 29 Jun 2007

There doesnt seem to be any button to just "print". Theres one for scan and copy allright.

Sorry, its an F380.

I'll check again for buttons!


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