HP printer slows up Win 98SE

  Quilljar 14:48 28 Jan 2006

A friend has just installed a new printer, an HP PSC 1410 with the latest software. He is running Windows 98SE and suddenly he is having trouble with very slow booting up and slow running when the printer is switched on. I have checked this and it is certainly cause and effect.

Can anyone explain this or suggest a remedy? Not upgrading to Win XP please! He is happy with the old machine for everything else. If the new printer is NOT swithed on, the computer remains working at its old speed.

  pj123 15:07 28 Jan 2006

I don't have an HP printer, but try running msconfig and see what runs at start up. Take the ticks out of anything HP and reboot.

  Diemmess 15:19 28 Jan 2006

I can only offer ideas from a poor understanding of the technology.........
Don't even think of changing the OS even though the day may come...
The printer is USB only and your setup is happy to recognise it, so the trouble has to be with the drivers or the configuration.
I presume the installation disk mentions W98 or 98SE. Often it is best to stay with the supplied disk, but occasionally downloading the latest drivers from HP might be the answer.

Anyway if the MFD is not supposed to be doing anything, then the computer should have its normal speed.

Have a look in Control Panel > System > device manager - to see there are no yellow warnings in the USB section.

Run msconfig and see that any printer/scanner references are not ticked to be there on startup.

Go to Control Panel > Printers and right click on the HP and Properties. Check that the printer is set to run in the background and look for any other clues.

Actual speed when working
(USB.1 is fast enough for transferring printer info, but maybe USB.2 would be better at scanning or copying. And there is always benefit from more RAM up to a amximum of 512Mb.)

  Quilljar 16:32 28 Jan 2006

Thank-you guys! Both your ideas worked. For anyone else reading this, the friend's computer is now back up to its original speed and the printer works fine

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