HP Photosmart can't find Wifi

  catho 19:04 05 Apr 2015

Hi Have recently moved the wireless router and the HP Photosmart can no longer find the wireless connection. When I try the wireless setup wizard it lists our neighbours Wifi but not ours. If I type in the SSID it says not recognised. Our other devices pick up the signal except for my kindle that has the same problem. Any suggestions?

  Ian in Northampton 20:29 05 Apr 2015

Can you try moving the router back to where it was, see if that brings the printer back online? That would confirm or eliminate whether distance from the router is the problem. It could be that both your printer and your Kindle are subject to greater sensitivity to signal attenuation, which isn't just a function of distance but also what the signal has to pass through (e.g. thick walls etc.)

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