HP Photosmart C7280 network scanner

  CLONNEN 14:19 31 Dec 2008

Six months ago I added a HP Photosmart C7280 to my home network. It is connected to an ethernet port on my Netgear router.

I could scan and print from my computer to the Photosmart when I first installed it. I scanned about a dozen bank statements using the Automatic Document Feeder.

Since then I have changed my computer's network connection to a LAN port on a Fonera wireless router so I could connect my laptop to the network. So its Netgear router joined to Fonera router joined to my PC. Since this change I have noticed that the Photosmart no longer seems to be able to communicate properly with my PC.

I eventually got printing working by forwarding port 35 to the Photosmart's IP address on the Fonera. But scanning still doesn't work.

  CLONNEN 15:08 31 Dec 2008

The HP website says

Open the following ports for scanning over a network :

UDP ports: 161, 427 and 137
TCP ports: 9220, 9500 and 9290

I'm not sure which ip address to forward these ports to (probably my PC's ip address since scanning goes from the HP device to my computer).

I'm gonna have a go at these ports when I get home tonight. I may have to forward them on both the Netgear and the Fonera since the info has to pass through both routers before reaching my PC.

  CLONNEN 14:01 01 Jan 2009

Forwarding the ports to my computer's ip address didn't work - still get "error communicating with device" message.

According to the manual for the HP Photosmart the printer needs to be on the same subnet as the computers that want to scan from it.

The other 2 PCs on the network which are connected to the 2 Netgear routers (upstairs and downstairs) can both scan from the HP Photosmart without any errors. Their ip addresses are of like this 192.168.0.x

But my computer is connected to the Fonera wireless router and has an ip address of 192.168.10.x - cannot communicate with the scanner but printing works okay.

Is there any way I can get the Fonera to allocate my computer 192.168.0.x without losing internet access.

  CLONNEN 15:13 01 Jan 2009

Drat - I guess I'll have to reconnect my computer to the Netgear since the Fonera seems to be unable to handle network scanning from the Photosmart.

I think I'll connect the kids' computer to the Fonera - they don't need scanning - at least they'll be able to print their homework.

  T0SH 16:21 01 Jan 2009

There is a freeware program called Lan Scanner here, I have not tried but it may be able to help you out

Cheers HC

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