HP Photosmart C4580 installation problem after reinstall of XP

  Carafaraday 11:27 10 Jul 2011

After a complete reinstall of XP I find that I cannot get the HP software to reinstall on my pc. I have the original cd and tried that, being careful not to plug in the usb cable until told to do so - no joy. Downloaded updated drivers and reinstalled having started pc as suggested by HP in selective mode so that anti-virus and Micrsoft services etc not running but when it gets to the point where is says turn on device and plug in usb cable the software doesn't seem to recognise that the device has been plugged in although the pc makes a wee ding/dong noise to indicate that the usb cable is working ok (I've tried it in all possible outlets!). This is driving me mad! Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can try next? Thanks.

  johndrew 12:18 10 Jul 2011

Have you tried going to 'Control Panel/Printers & Faxes/File' and selecting 'Add Printer' and following the Wizard?

  Carafaraday 12:39 10 Jul 2011

Hi John, Thank you for replying. If I do that will it not install using microsoft rather than using the software that came with HP? I can get it to do a basic print using windows but really wanted to use the software (which I used to be able to do before my reinstall of XP).

  LimestoneRock 12:53 10 Jul 2011

How about doing what johndrew suggests and subsequently, download latest software for the C4580 from HP. I seem to recollect I did this with an HP printer I previously had.

  Carafaraday 13:11 10 Jul 2011

If I go to Control Panel, Printers and Faxes the HP Photosmart is listed with a tick and as 'ready' - but the HP software still won't recognise that it is there. 'No HP Devices have been detected'.

I've already downloaded the latest version of the software - that's what I was trying to install.

  morddwyd 18:53 10 Jul 2011

Latest HP software will frequently not install over earlier versions, though, as you say, you can still print.

An incomplete install will stop any further attempts to install, and a normal uninstall will not work.

Put your HP cd in the drive but do not run it.

Navigate to "L3 uninstall", which I think is in the Utils folder, and run it.

Then manually delete any HP stuff which is left on your computer (unless it is an HP computer, in which case be very careful!)

Now install the latest software, which can be found here.


Unfortunately it is not unkown to have to do this more than once.

You are not out of the woods until the installation progress bar gets beyond 96%. It has a habit of hanging there (Google HP install 96%)

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