HP Photosmart B110a not printing black

  stlucia2 11:34 15 Jan 2014

All of a sudden my HP inkjet printer has stopped printing black. I've replaced the cartridges (always genuine HP items) and gone through the "clean printhead" routine several times. At the end of the routine it prints a test sheet which only shows blocks of cyan, magenta, yellow, purple, green and orange near the bottom of the page -- each good quality but, apparently, lacking any black.

When I go to print a document from my PC, at best I get very (very) faint grey writing, where it should be solid black.

Is there any realistic remedy, other than getting a new printer, please?

  spuds 11:45 15 Jan 2014

Depending on the age of the printer and its general usage, I tend to find that replacing the printer is the simplest of solutions, considering the cheapness of printer's nowadays, when these type of issues arise.

Have you tried a Google search, so as to see if the same problem was resolved elsewhere. You could also try the following link, but no guarantee is offered hhtp://www.fixyourownprinter.com

  spuds 11:46 15 Jan 2014

Whoops click here

  stlucia2 12:13 15 Jan 2014

Thanks spuds, but they don't seem to cover my printer at your link. Most of my Google results take me to HP's own technical help web site, which is "undergoing maintenance" at the moment, so I'll check there later. Another Google result talks about cleaning contacts and making sure there's nothing obstructing the ink cartridge or its seating in the printer, but everything's clean and clear in mine.

  spuds 12:42 15 Jan 2014

I have a number of different branded printer's, HP among those. I have often found that going through all the cleaning procedures etc,that is usually suggested and tried, it still ends up with a replacement printer.

HP use to have a first rate support team, including a online chat, but over the last few years, their support service was proving rather difficult to get resolutions to any problems. It might have changed since then?.

For interest I have just put "black will not print hp photosmart b110a" in a Google search, and a number of links came up. The first link on the Google drop-down was from h30434.www3.hp.com which is the HP support team. That link gives a fairly comprehensive walk-around in pictures and verse of things to do. So perhaps worth a look there, to see if there is anything that's worthwhile, that you may help?.

  BRYNIT 12:46 15 Jan 2014

You could try removing the cartridges, remove the printer head which is secured by a leaver to the right and see if it needs cleaning.

or you could try the solution from CLICK HERE

  stlucia2 20:28 15 Jan 2014

Wow, there seems to be a lot of discontent with the 110 printer on the HP site, and hardly any suggestions how to fix the problem.

I removed the print head. It looks very gungy, but I couldn't see anything obviously wrong, so I wiped the excess ink off with a paper towel. No joy.

So then I tried the "hard reset" suggested in one of the threads in the HP forum. Again no joy.

Maybe I shouldn't expect any more from a printer that cost only as much as two sets of cartridges. Looks like I'll be shopping for a new printer this weekend. I'll probably stick with a budget one, and regard it as a consumable.

  alanrwood 20:32 15 Jan 2014

Do a few more re-cleans over a period of time. I find that sometimes a jet which is blocked will magically reappear after a day or so when the ink has had chance to soften.

  stlucia2 10:51 16 Jan 2014

Yes, I'm doing re-cleans, and it's already reporting low ink -- except black, presumably because it's blocked somewhere -- from a set of brand-new cartridges! If it's not cleared by tomorrow, I'm off to PC World or Staples or some such place to get a new one.

  bumpkin 11:17 16 Jan 2014

Using a suitable tool, hold the printhead in the steam from a boiling kettle for a minute or so. A bit extreme I know but worth a try as you have nothing to lose, it has worked for me a couple of times.

  spuds 17:25 16 Jan 2014

Seeing bumpkin's suggestion, there use to be a similar way which you don't hear about much nowadays.

Put the cartridge in a strong sealed heatproof bag, then lower the cartridge into warm water. Leave it there for a few minutes, but make sure you keep your eye on things, in case there is a leak. Sometimes this worked, sometimes it didn't.

But having learned lessons previously, still suggest a printer replacement with full warranty and backup support.

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