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HP Photosmart 5520 misses chunks of text

  stlucia2 08:52 01 Mar 2014

My recently-purchased HP Photosmart 5520 printer worked fine when I bought it, but it's recently started missing out chunks of text when printing a document. I first noticed it with an email, where it printed the header and the copy of my original message (which the sender had left on), but not the new message the sender had written. I eventually printed that by copying and pasting it into MS Word.

Today it's a document that's been left in my inbox in a secure financial site that I use, and there seems to be no rhyme nor reason to which bits it's printed and which it hasn't -- the header and company logo are okay, the first few paragraphs of text, including a couple of tables, are okay, but then large chunks of the following paragraphs are missing, and several links show as a blue underline only. It's not just odd words, there's about 1" of complete blank on the page where the text should be.

There is ink in my cartridges, and there's no sign (fading etc.) of any of them being blocked. My HP PC is running Windows XP with full updates, and is connected to the printer by USB. I've gone through the HP diagnostics, and it reports no problems, but I've also gone through the uninstall and reinstall routine using new drivers downloaded from their web site.

Any suggestions, please, other than take it back to the shop?

  Ian in Northampton 19:02 01 Mar 2014

This is a long shot - but can you do a system restore to before your printer started playing up? It sounds more like a PC problem than a printer problem.

  wee eddie 19:15 01 Mar 2014

Am I right in thinking that this relates mostly to emails.

Can you "Preview" them before you print?

  stlucia2 20:48 01 Mar 2014

I've never done a system restore, and anyway, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer, as I did, would have remedied any problem caused by a system restore, wouldn't it?

My instinct is that it's a PC problem too. I've just test-printed a document from MS Word, and one from Aldus Pagemaker, and they both print correctly. I've also re-printed the email that I first noticed the problem with, direct from Outlook Express, and it still doesn't print the sender's message, though everything appears on screen. Outlook Exress doesn't seem to have a Print Preview function. I've also printed the same email using AOL Desktop 9.7, with the same result. Another email, picked at random, prints both parts of the message okay, using Outlook Express.

It's not just emails, wee eddie, though so far as I can tell it's only documents that come via the internet -- the other one being a "Private Message" on my account with a financial web site, which I access using Google Chrome. I haven't experienced the problem yet with any document that I've generated on my PC, nor with a graphic attachment (a scan of a newspaper article) that came with the problem email mentioned above.

  stlucia2 11:35 02 Mar 2014

Some progress . . .

Just out of insterest, I accessed my financial web site using Internet Explorer instead of Google Crome, and my Private Message printed in full.

So I then went back to Google Crome: When I click on the "Print" icon on the message itself, I get a print dialogue box without a "Print" button, but instead it has a "Print using system dialog ..." message at the bottom, which I've always selected, then selected my required settings and hit "Print". Looking at the message's native print dialogue box I realised now that it's set by default to print to a .pdf file, and by changing that destination to my printer instead, I then got a "Print" button. The message then printed correctly, in full, though formatted slightly differently from the IE version.

So now the only document that still doesn't print properly is one specific email. I might be tempted to accept that that's a quirk of its formatting, for the text used by the sender for their message is not the same as the default -- it's Calibri 12pt instead of Ariel 10pt. That theory doesn't completely hold water though, for I forwarded the message to another of my email addresses, without altering its text at all, and it prints okay from that address.

So, I think I've at least proved that there's nothing wrong with the printer itself.

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