HP Photosmart 4480 - any good?

  Carafaraday 12:33 12 Nov 2008

Does anyone own this printer? Is it worth getting for basic home use?

  Pineman100 12:56 12 Nov 2008

I can't comment on the 4480, but I have the Photosmart 4180 - it's about 18 months old.

Comments on the 4180? On the whole, it's fine. It's been reliable and produces good images. For printing photos I don't bother with the extra photo ink cartridge - I'm very happy with what I get from just the black and tricolour.

Scanning is pretty good. Just be careful about the default sharpening setting that the scanning software is set to. I find it that it tends to oversharpen, resulting sometimes in a rather hard, edgy image. But it's easy enough to reduce that setting.

Ink costs aren't cheap, but they're probably no higher than I have experience with other makes of inkjet.

One final tip - if the 4480 is anything like my 4180, keep an eye on the left-hand sliding paper guide. It has habit of slipping loose rather too easily and allowing the paper to feed a bit crooked. It just needs checking regularly.

  MAJ 12:57 12 Nov 2008

HP printers are usually pretty good, but the cartridges are expensive, I use compatibles from ChoiceStationery but they don't seem to have any for the HP Photosmart 4480. I use the Photosmart 7350 which isn't an all-in-one, btw.

  Carafaraday 13:12 12 Nov 2008

Many thanks to both MAJ and Pineman100 for your helpful comments.

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