HP Pavilion start up problem

  Carafaraday 11:01 12 Aug 2004

My HP Pavilion T550 has a new problem. When I start it up in the morning, the blue light comes on but the monitor stays dim and nothing happens - keyboard and mouse are not working either. I have to hold down the on/off switch for 4 seconds to turn off the machine, and then when I switch on again, all is well.

The really curious thing is that this doesn't appear to happen when I switch off through the day - I've just re-booted without any problem after the machine has been off for around 1 hour.

Any ideas would be welcome - I don't think it's very good for the pc to have to be turned on and off the way I have to do it at the moment.

ps hibernation works fine through the day too

  ventanas 11:16 12 Aug 2004

Do you get any beeps other than the normal single one.

  Carafaraday 11:28 12 Aug 2004

I'm not sure that I even get one beep - I don't think so.

  Gongoozler 11:33 12 Aug 2004

Hi Carafaraday. First the easy ones. If Windows hasn't started, switching off by the power button does no harm. If the monitor stays dim and neither the mouse nor the keyboard are doing anything, the computer isn't even powering up properly. Try pressing the Reset button, that may get the computer to restart.

Having to hold the power switch 4 seconds is a setting in BIOS to prevent accidental switching off. If this is working it suggests that the computer is powering up, but Windows is not loading.

The next part is more difficult. If the computer is starting, but not loading Windows, it could be a problem with your hard drive, BIOS or something deeper. Firstly when you next switch on carefully watch the monitor screen and listen to the computer. Do you get a POST beep, is there any sound of hard drive activity and is there anything at all appearing on the monitor screen?

  Carafaraday 12:20 12 Aug 2004

No beep, nothing on the monitor - in fact the little light is orange and not green (which it is when the monitor is actually operational), no interesting whirring noises - just the blue light which indicates power is on.

Still don't know why it only happens first thing in the morning and not when I switch off during the day.

  ventanas 12:31 12 Aug 2004

I had something similar with one of the office machines. Virtually dead when first switched on in the morning, but fine when restarted, and would be for the rest of the day. I mentioned the beeps because this pc was giving two. One high - one low. The problem was a failed motherboard. In your case though it may well be something else, as you do not seem to be getting as far as the post.

  Carafaraday 12:41 12 Aug 2004

Hope it isn't the motherboard - the pc is only a few weeks' old.............

  Carafaraday 12:45 12 Aug 2004

Since this is a new problem - just in the last week - would it be worth trying a System Restore? Being new to XP I haven't tried this before so am a bit wary. What would I lose? Updates from Norton for instance? or only any settings I had changed since the restore point?

How often does XP make restore points? and how can I force one?

  woodchip 12:49 12 Aug 2004

If this is a desktop computer try a spare PSU if you have one

  Carafaraday 13:23 12 Aug 2004

I don't even know what one is!

The pc is under warranty anyway, so if it's something internal I'd rather not touch it!

Or is it just the thing you plug in at the back - I think I'm just about up to replacing the power lead but nothing more intricate.

  Gongoozler 15:19 12 Aug 2004

If there is power to the light, then there is power to the pc. It sounds like a warranty job to me.

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