HP Pavilion S3624

  ferrispedro 12:24 21 Apr 2011

My PC switched itself off the other day and I cannot get it to turn on.I presume the power unit has gone.Can anybody tell me where I can get a new power unit,does it have to be HP,and is there any problem changing it myself? Thank you. Peter.

  Thalmus 12:35 21 Apr 2011

Any ATX power supply will do. Also, are you sure its the power supply that's gone? Normally when they die they go with a bang. Have you checked the fuse in the plug or tried a different power cable?

  Thalmus 12:37 21 Apr 2011

If it is, as you say, your power supply then take your pick from here

  Jollyjohn 12:40 21 Apr 2011

PC World - from £29.99 Maplin - from £24.99 Links failed to work in first attempt at reply.

It is fairly straight forward to change psu - open the side of the PC. Sketch / make notes of the connected cables. There are usually 4 screws holding the psu in place, remove these and carefully lift the old one out. Pop the new one in, use your notes to ensure everything is reconnected and power up pc

  woodchip 13:39 21 Apr 2011

Not all go BANG, but depending how it shut down can tell you different things. If screen just went blank and Computer lights went out, yes I would first start by trying a new PSU

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