HP Pavilion Notebook - No boot up

  slowhand_1000 13:36 20 Apr 2006


A neighbour brought a dead HP laptop round to see if I could help him with it.

When switching on all the lights on the laptop come on but the screen is blank. The DVD drive spins up, if I listen hard I can just about hear 1 beep. The hard drive clicks once as if ready to spin up, but doesn't start. And finally the CPU fan does not spin up at all.

I've tried taking the battery out and running straight through the mains but nothing happens. I've also connected another monitor up and again nothing happens.

The spec of the laptop is Pentium M 725 1,6ghz, 512mb ram and I think a 60gb HDD. Running XP Home.



  slowhand_1000 17:35 20 Apr 2006


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 20 Apr 2006

remove Hdd and retry shoukd give error message no op system or disc read error

  slowhand_1000 20:00 20 Apr 2006

Fruit Bat

Removed the HDD and still the same I'm afraid.

I did pop my Windows disc into the DVD, just to see if anything at all happens and it spins up as if ready to run then stops.

  slowhand_1000 09:53 21 Apr 2006

^^ One more bump just in case.

  slowhand_1000 17:56 21 Apr 2006

^ Last one, you never know.

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