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I am desparately trying to locate a d/c power jack for a HP PAVILION n5431 laptop.
My connector inside my laptop broke off, now it is past its warranty. I know you can buy these and solder them in yourselves. Some companies are reluctant to sell you them by themselves. They will offer to repair them. ie fit a new one in for a price :( I can it myself and it is far cheaper. Heeeeeeelp!! I am near Cardiff, UK.

Anybody can help please? :)

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Hi smileysmile & ade.h,

Firstly, Ade, thanks for recommending Totis. I'd like to think that we could help in most cases, but with this one, I think that we may have struggled!

Smileysmile, did you have any joy with the d/c input jack? If you did, I'd be really surprised! They're not supplied as a seperate part, and as you can probably imagine, sizes & pin-outs vary from model to model, so finding the correct replacement part from an electronics catalog is pretty tough.

We get a lot of requests from people who've suffered exactly the same fate as yourself. Unfortunately, not many requests translate into sales, as all that we can offer in most cases is a replacement system board.

IMHO, I'd say that those companies that have suggested that they can supply the correct part and affect a repair, probably don't know what they're talking about. Also, you'd have to be very highly skilled with a soldering iron to repair the board yourself. Modern PCB's are multi layer (a bit like those yummy pink wafer biscuits that you get in tins at christmas) and can be very demanding to work on. Also, I think that the boards are dipped with solder during manufacture, and are later coated with a resin seal. In order to work on such a board, you need an extra-hot soldering iron with a needle tip.

I'd say there's more chance you'd cause more damage to the board if you tried to repair it.

Can I make a suggestion? If Totis can't supply (we are but human, after all!) and you've still got the original dc jack that's come off the board, get in touch with a company called Analogic (look them up ont'web), they're based in London, team of talented back-room engineers, who'll try anything and may be able to refit the bit that's come adrift. Or, you could try Teleplan in Colchester on 01206 785040. They're a major repair house, doing all of the Mastercare work for Dixons & PC World.

Analogic would be the cheaper option, so I'd try them first.

Good luck.


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