HP Pavilion 'Low Disk space' on D Drive (Recovery)??

  buel 19:53 12 Nov 2012

Hi, My friend has a very slow vista laptop that im trying to help him with. It has 2gb of Ram, i have run SuperAntispyware and Malwayebytes scans that have found a few nasties but it is still verrrrry slow. I put Avast on there and updated it put when i run a scan it hangs on 1%.

I have the task manager up at the moment with nothing (seemingly) running and the CPU usage is 1% but the memory is permanently on around 770mb.

Please can someone help me out here?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:56 12 Nov 2012

Did it have another AV on there such as MSE or AVG or a trial of Norton etc. Any of these may be clashing and causing the stall.

  buel 19:57 12 Nov 2012

Hi, I posted that September last year and the thread is locked so i can not add to it.

The update is that the laptop is still slow but the Avast does not 'hang' anymore but the laptop is still slow. i have uninstalled the programs it does not need and use Soluto to disable the programs that need not be started but still my friend gets the message that the Recovery drive is full.

Please can i ask would this impact on the laptop's performance? The C drive has 20gb free out of 200gb.

Thank you in advance.

  buel 19:58 12 Nov 2012

Hi, sorry for the delayed corrected post.

It previously had AVG i believe. Also, it is Vista and has 4gb ram.

Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:11 12 Nov 2012

The C drive has 20gb free out of 200gb.

10% free is very low I like to stick with at least 20%. off load pictures music etc. to an external drive

Use CCleaner to get rid of junk files - remove programs nolonger used - delete some restore points to save space

if system restore is switched on on recovery partition then that could cause the message - you do not need system restore to monitor a recover partition.

  buel 20:27 12 Nov 2012

Thank you Fruit Bat, i have just checked and the system restore does not include the Recovery drive.

Please can i ask does the recovery drive being full have any impact on performance? And i assume that 10% free on the C drive will impact on performance?

  buel 22:36 12 Nov 2012

Thank you so much. An external drive is to be bought then.....

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