HP Pavilion laptop Memory Issue

  angeldjac 03:43 20 Dec 2007

i recently purchased a HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop with 1.93 gb of ram... i am running win xp pro

one of the problems that i am having is that i have to reboot the machine to release memory so i can use the darn thing... for example, if i have too many tabs open in MSIE7 the "right-click" options wont appear or work unless i close all my windows and re-start... its not just too many Internet Explorer windows, it also happens if i have multiple excel and/or windows docs open ...

i certainly didnt expect this with 2gig of RAM!

has anyone else experienced this?

  Kemistri 13:55 20 Dec 2007

Off the top of my head, three possible options, provided with no guarantees and little experience of Vista:

[1] Trim any extraneous running services from services.msc and msconfig. Accessed via the Run command.
[2] Find and uninstall any software that is both active in memory AND extraneous, such as graphics card utilities and system tray junk.
[3] Use a program that can control and release RAM addresses once they are lo longer used.

They all work on XP - but like I said, no guarantees. I thought Vista had improved memory address release, but there you go...

  angeldjac 16:31 20 Dec 2007

>> 3] Use a program that can control and release RAM addresses once they are lo longer used.

Any recommendations on software that will perform this function?


  Kemistri 16:52 20 Dec 2007

I have never use any, but there used to be a few around. Only a Google search away, but I can't say for sure whether any of them would be compatible with Vista. I'm assuming that you have Vista since the notebook is new. If I can find one, I'll post a link later.

  angeldjac 16:55 20 Dec 2007

no -- i am running xp

i removed vista because of some compatibility issues with hardware & software

and it did the same thing with the vista

  Kemistri 23:13 20 Dec 2007

click here - If the RAM is filling up excessively and not being cleared, that should help.

  Kemistri 23:24 20 Dec 2007

It's odd that you have had this with both Vista and XP - it could be a hardware fault, I guess.

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