HP Pavilion G6 webcam software where is it?

  compumac 21:10 04 Apr 2013

I have a relative whom I am trying to help over the phone but it is very, VERY difficult making him follow verbal instructions in using his laptop without him going off and clicking on something else. Despite him having used the laptop for over three years he cannot follow simple instructions and keeps going off at a tangent He has a Pavilion G6-1352 laptop. Question: How does he access the webcam on the Pavilion other than through Skype?

  compumac 21:35 04 Apr 2013

Subsequently found that the required software is Cyberlink YouCam, but realative cannot see this in his list of programmes.

  Nontek 22:04 04 Apr 2013
  compumac 22:14 04 Apr 2013

Nontek. Thanks for that. He is able to use Skype so he must already have a webcam programme on the laptop to be able to use Skype.

  martd7 22:20 04 Apr 2013

If you read here you can see whats happened to the You Cam software


  woodchip 22:25 04 Apr 2013

as it got an icon on the desktop for camera. i have a samsung netbook it uses icon on desktop name "play camera"

  compumac 07:27 05 Apr 2013

I will try yet again to speak with relative and ask the question in respect of Cyberlink YouGo, but it is very hard work. He is not unintelligent and is not stupid but it is plain awkward to get him to follow your instructions without him trying something else off his own bat.

  onthelimit1 08:55 05 Apr 2013

Compumac - I think it's been mentioned before that Teamviewer is the perfect free programme for this situation. He only has to click the icon on his desktop then you can take over. I use it for a number of my older and remote friends.

  compumac 10:19 05 Apr 2013

I had hoped that Teamviewer was on his new laptop(Old one stolen)as I had helped him(or rather me)using same in the past. He was insistent that it was installed. It took me more than twenty minutes asking him to look through his "All Programmes" and using Windows Explorer to prove that it was not installed on this laptop. He still has difficulty in accepting that it is not installed. After almost three hours of discussion by phone yesterday I felt I could not request him to install Teamviewer at that time. - I was mentally exhausted. I will find two or three hours today and talk hin through the installation of Teamviewer which is the only answer to MY situation.(apart from not taking his phone calls)

  onthelimit1 11:29 05 Apr 2013

OK - good luck - I have been in a similar situation with some of my 'good causes'!

  compumac 20:17 05 Apr 2013

Resolved. Gritted my teeth, managed to talk relative through the installation of TeamViewer and Bingo - sorted all his problems out in less than twenty minutes.

Hail TeamViewer!

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