HP Pavilion DVD/CD Laptop

  Lorraine 16:35 18 Jul 2004

I purchased this laptop from e-bay a few weeks ago but unfortunately the cd drive (d-drive) will not show up and won't play any dvd's.

I tried booting up the system with a boot disk but a message appeared saying that the d drive does not exist and does not go any further.

Any suggestions. I'm using ME as an operating system.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:35 18 Jul 2004

Sounds as if the drive is dead; was there any mention of it when you made the purchase?

Does it show up in BIOS? It may have been disabled for some reason. When you boot you may see a message like "press del to enter setup" or the likes.

  Lorraine 18:01 18 Jul 2004

When I made the purchase I was told everything was working well, including this drive. The DVD drive was the main reason I purchased it.

I have already been in the bios and the cd drive only shows in the boot sequence order. There is nothing to show whether it is enabled/disabled.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:05 18 Jul 2004

If it has never worked it might be a good idea to get onto the seller, especially if he / she is trading as a company. There may be some redress.

Within the bios there should also be a mention of the drives attached - is there an option to autodetect?

  Lorraine 18:23 18 Jul 2004

The only drives it lists as being attached are the floppy and hard drive.

There is no option for autodetect.

I have e-mail the person whom I purchased the laptop from but has not come back to me.

It looks as though I may need to replace the DVD drive, would I be correct?

  THE TERMINATOR 18:41 18 Jul 2004

Hi,If you can get into device manager, and the drive is listed there, try uninstalling it and on re-boot windows should detect the drive and install the drivers....TT

  Diodorus Siculus 18:42 18 Jul 2004

It may be a broken connection but I don't know much about laptop hardware - I have never had the chance to open one up to see what is in it! Someone else may have an idea about it or about replacing the optical drive.

  Lorraine 18:55 18 Jul 2004

The device is not listed in device manager or My Computer.

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