hp pavilion display error - please help

  benwebdev 13:38 23 Jan 2010

I have a HP Pavilion dv5 laptop which is just over a year oldand seems to have developed a serious display problem since I bought it.

I have only started using the HDMI port on this model since around october and notice I often get a terrible bug when using it.

i can be watching somethin gon a monitor via hdmi or simply have something connected to it and at random the screens (laptop and external) flicker on and off. I get the popup speech bubble style error in the taskbar saying a "Device Driver has Stopped Working"

Sometimes it recovers but most of the time the screen crashes as does any audio or anything else playing and a scattered mixed up mess of a screen gets locked into view. The only thing i can do then is restart the device.

pic of the screen
click here
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

problem is I dont know how or what driver I need to replace or how to fix this. Any advice?

System info:
Pavilion dv51112ea
AMD Turion X2 Mobile ZM-82 2.2GHz
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit

  retep888 14:08 23 Jan 2010

It helps if you can find out the model number so forum members can help you searching for the most updated softwares.

How to find the Model Number: click here

  benwebdev 14:13 23 Jan 2010

the model number is dv51112ea as I wrote at in the post. I think you might have missed that.

  retep888 14:20 23 Jan 2010

Yes I did see that but I seem to have problem locating it.

Is this the one click here

If that so then you've missed out a dash.

  benwebdev 14:23 23 Jan 2010

yes that is the one

  retep888 14:36 23 Jan 2010

Try updating the graphic driver with the latest one dated 20/02/2009 click here
You probably got this one installed on your laptop when new dated 14/11/2008. click here

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