HP Pavilion 491.uk

  duncan_pereira 14:55 20 Aug 2011

Does anyone know where I can find any product documentation as to how I can go about removing my HP's Hard Drive cage and front bezel? The HP site has listed the PC but there is no information on what I require. The product name is as listed in the title and the website can be found here http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/product?cc=gb&dlc=en&lc=en&product=82332&


  Woolwell 15:28 20 Aug 2011

My HP desktop came with user guides installed as part of the software. In that is a pdf file 'upgrading and servicing guide' which gives details of how to remove the hard drive and front bezel.

  Woolwell 15:31 20 Aug 2011

On the site you gave there is also a link to this Installing or replacing a hard drive and that too should give you all you need.

  duncan_pereira 16:00 20 Aug 2011

I did see that particular page but the instructions are very generalized with only four diagrams showing the most common HDD Cage setup, none of which are relevent to me. And sadly due to the PC's age, I've installed Ubuntu hence wiping away the user guides which came pre-loaded

  wiz-king 16:27 20 Aug 2011

On my old HP to get a the drive you had to remove 2 screws from each side case panel at the rear and slide the panels back about 1/2" then they lifted off allowing access to the four screws that hold in the drive.

  wiz-king 16:30 20 Aug 2011

The plastic front of the case can be sprung off one you have removed the two side panels but I think you can change the drive without taking the front off

  woodchip 21:55 20 Aug 2011

you do not need the front panel off to remove the hard drive you need both side panels off. you will see two screws in the hard drive and dvd p[layer at both sides, front panel should just pull off forward.

hard drive comes out from inside, after removing the sides from pc

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