HP Parilion a 1000 wont Boot up

  mcheathen 01:13 30 Jan 2012

The following message appears - Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt - system 32\hal.dll.

I managed to find intrustions for sorting it which requires going on to the XP Recovery Console. When I tried to go on to this I got the following error message: INF file txt setup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 275. Set up cannot continue.

So I tried to use the recovery. Fist by selecting the H: drive recovery partition. The format bar appeared on screen, but remained at 0%.

So I tried a recovery disk and the same thing happened.

The interesting thing was that there was the following message: C: Part 2 [Unknown] 146475 MB <Free.

This would seem to imply that C: (the Hard drive) is either empty or corrupt.

  mole44 04:07 30 Jan 2012

Do a complete reinstall,but i assume any important data you have saved to another drive or cd , or you could try this


  birdface 08:50 30 Jan 2012
  mcheathen 11:05 30 Jan 2012

In reply to mole44 - a complete re-install was exactly what I tried to do, but when the format bar appeared on screen it remained at 0%. For some reason the disk wont format.

  birdface 11:55 30 Jan 2012

Did you check to make sure DVD was selected to start first in the Bios.

Maybe the Bios drive has been changed try changing it to the DVD or hard drive to see if it will start ok with one of those.Without having to reformat.

  birdface 12:11 30 Jan 2012

Will it start in safe mode or at least let you do last good configuration or let you into Dos.

  mcheathen 12:22 30 Jan 2012

No I never checked to make sure DVD was selected to start first in the Bios.

I can't even get into Safe Mode

I tried to format and re-install XP, but it wouldn't even allow me to format. Maybe this is because I never deleted the old partition. I'll have another go at formating but with deleting partition first. This is after I've done all the other suggestions.

  mcheathen 19:00 30 Jan 2012

I tried everything suggested but to know avail. I had another go at formating and got a message saying that HDD may be damaged or a loose connection.

Nothing wrong with connections, but there was a lot of dust inside the box. If dust got into HHD housing maybe this is the cause of malfunction. So I will now remove HHD give it a good clean and have another go at formating.

If that doesn't work I will recommend to my friend that she needs a new HDD. Where is the best place on-line to get one for a HP Parilion a 1000?

  robin_x 19:19 30 Jan 2012

You could try Partition Wizard Bootable CD (you'd need to burn on another computer)

Right click C to get options. Format or Delete and create new. Click Apply after whatever you select.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:25 30 Jan 2012

Won't format if it can't find the HDD correctly

do you have or can you borrow a XP CD (not upgrade CD)?

If so boot into recovery console from the CD and try chkdsk and fixmbr as described in the link

  mcheathen 13:30 31 Jan 2012

My last attempt to format got a message saying that disk was damaged or there was a bad connection. Checked connections which are OK. So the disk must be damaged. I expect that damage must have came from the large amount of dust in the PC's box. The fan must have stired it up onto the HDD connections and shorted out some of mini circuits.

So she will need a replacement HDD - where is the best place on line? I expect a stanard HDD would be cheaper assuming that all the necessary drivers can be downloaded.

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