HP or Sony Laptop?

  vandana 20:55 02 Sep 2003

Hi! Was just wondering if anyone could provide me with any opinions on these 2 laptops im interested in buying to help me make up my mind!

One is the Hp Pavilion ze5416 and the other is the Sony Vaio FR285MDX?

Both relatively the same in price and slight differences in spec are making it hard for me to make a decision!

Any ideas greatly appreciated!


  Lozzy 21:19 02 Sep 2003

I would recommend the Sony. However what exactly will you be using it for? That will decide which one you should go for.

Its like buying a car, all cars will get you from A to B. But do you want comfort or speed?? Reliability or fancy things you will prob never use??

Define what you want the laptop to do as there may be a better choice.

  vandana 21:29 02 Sep 2003

Hey..thanx for that!

I'll be using it for my work at uni mainly programs like excel and word... i agree about the flashy things and that.. not worth it in the long run i suppose!

I guess i'm just being a sucker for those fancy blue lights on the HP!

  nuno83 21:32 02 Sep 2003

I recommend sony!
I hp lost points with me since they bought Compaq which is the wors laptop i ever have!
Hp is a name for printers not for computers!
And Sony is sony.
VAIO would be my choice!

Anyway that is only my opinion!
In The end who have to choice is you!

  Cesar 13:19 04 Sep 2003

Why restrict yourself to HP or Sony? there are plenty of laptops that will do what you want, with the above you are paying for the brand name and the specifications are not all that wonderful either I have always considered those brands overpriced. I use a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo D 8830
it will do everything you want.
aclick here

  Cesar 13:24 04 Sep 2003

Sorry that page is no longer available.
click here

  vandana 23:37 04 Sep 2003

Thanks for the link... you've made me think twice now!! I'll keep looking around!

...I have been looking around for a while now and had narrowed my choices down to those two notebooks.

As a student, my budget is £1000, and have found that those 2 provide a spec suitable for that price... decisions decisions eh!?

  sdf 00:06 05 Sep 2003

have a look at the Multivision Solus 1010, Number 1 in this months budget notebook chart - seems well specified at a good price click here

  vandana 13:08 05 Sep 2003

thanx alot for that link... I'm seriously going to be considering that one now aswell!

Do you recommend these laptops? I've not heard about this company?

  sdf 14:35 05 Sep 2003

I generally have heard good things about Multivision. and they advertise with big spreads every month in PCA, so they aren't a tin-pot firm (or couldnt afford the costs!). There is a tread on here today about multivision's bad service, but I don't know if this is definitive. We one really hear about the unsatisfied people here, generally, and no-body can please all the people all the time. Im sure there are equally as many complaints about HP or Sony if one looked around. Im not defending Multivision or Promoting them - just as I say, the system looked well specified at a good price.

  vandana 15:53 05 Sep 2003

Checked out the thread about Multivision, not 100% sure what to do... I do however agree with you, it's not easy to please everyone.

I don't start uni again till october so I think i've still got abit of time to keep looking around!

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