HP or Canon Printer

  SURVEY 19:48 21 Nov 2011

I am about to purchase an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier. Narrowed it down to 2. Either HP Photosmart 6510 (or maybe the 5510) or Canon MG5350. I have read some horror stories about the cost of Canon ink cartridges on the multi-cartridge machines. The HP 5510 has a really cheap and flimsy paper tray holder. Any views from experience though?

  morddwyd 20:47 21 Nov 2011

After many years with HP I have just bought my first Canon.

HP just got too flaky and its software too bloated and temperamental.

  SURVEY 21:38 21 Nov 2011

morddwyd- Any views on the ink costs?

  Woolwell 22:14 21 Nov 2011

I have just purchased my first all-in-one. I wanted duplex and read horror reviews about HP duplex and shrunk second pages. Canon seemed to be very good for photo quality but in the end I settled for an Epson enter link description here which at that price is a bargain and has reasonable ink costs.

  gengiscant 05:22 22 Nov 2011

I'm with Morddwyd on this one,the HP which I have now as a stand alone colour printer is probably the worst printer I have owned, in terms of set up,day to day running and ink costs. I have a Samsung laser mono all in one printer which takes care of day to day printing but I am also seeking a reasonably priced colour printer which will be either a Epson or Canon both of which have served me well in the past.

  morddwyd 09:53 22 Nov 2011


Not yet.

Haven't had the Canon long enough to compare.

  Migwell 18:39 22 Nov 2011

I ave a Cannon ip4700 which has done me proud for over a year. Far easierto use than the HP I through out, the printing on it was good as far as focus was concerned but always to dark even when set to its lightest. I don't think there is a lot of difference on the costs on the running side. I get my ink from Internet ink in Nottingham as I used to when I had my HP.

  Fingees 19:15 23 Nov 2011

I purchased a Kodak Hero 5.2 printer a few weeks ago. It's the best Ive ever had.

Ink is cheap, and their help is second to none.

I reccomend it to anyone.

  SURVEY 09:19 08 Dec 2011

An update. In the end I bought a HP Photosmart 6510. Straightforward to set up including the wifi. All features work well. The only problem, as always with this company, is HP. It was impossible to register the product as the HP website does not recognise this printer in its drop-down list of printers; neither does it recognise the serial number etc. Absolutely useless. I wrote to HP's CEO and received as one might expect a standard reply saying I would be contacted but as you may imagine I have heard nothing. So I shall rely upon my legal rights should a problem arise (or perhaps John Lewis, as this is where I purchased). I was considering buying an HP laptop but after this I did not!

  spuds 11:44 08 Dec 2011

I have HP and Canon printers, and find compatible print cartridges far cheaper, and they seem to work just as well, depending on the supplier.

HP support as dropped considerably, and I have a Photosmart C3180, which as a software problem. HP suggested using another printers download, which seemed to work for a short time. Eventually I gave up with HP support and replaced the C3180 with a Brother DCP-135C, which I now find to be a far superior machine with compatible printer cartridges costing about 50p each (LC-970 B/Y/C/M colours per machine). The extra bonus on the Brother was the 12 month warranty, was extended to three years for free on registration.

  SURVEY 16:00 08 Dec 2011

I do wonder about HP. For some time their 'support' has been hopeless and that is why I decided not to order a laptop from them.

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