hp officejet pro 1170c

  User-6355CE8D-1E97-4543-833893AA7598EA5F 01:11 26 Jan 2004

(All in one printer,my brothers)
As far as I can tell this model is discontinued,but he has lost installation disk..
Anything he can download to get it up and running again?

  Djohn 01:25 26 Jan 2004

Hi Flash, click here and give the link a mo to re-direct you to the driver download page. j.

Hi John,will give it a go..
Always tell him to put cd's in a safe place..
But does he listen? :-(

  Belatucadrus 01:47 26 Jan 2004
  Djohn 01:51 26 Jan 2004

Belatucadrus, same page! ;o)

same place as djohn's link...

snap john...
getting timed out on the download for some reason?

  Djohn 02:02 26 Jan 2004

Haven't tried it but it's a big download for a driver. Which O/S is the driver for? and are you on B/B?

It's for windows 98..yes i'm on B/B..

  Djohn 02:12 26 Jan 2004

Any luck yet? If not It's now sat on my desktop!

How did you manage that?
Do you use Freshdownload?

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