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HP Office Jet 3830 problem with colour

  iscanut 20:59 25 May 2019

My printer will not print any colour.I have installed it on a new desktop computer Windows 10. It will only print in black inspite of both colour and black carts installed. I have uninstalled everything and reinstalled but to no avail. My older aptop on which it is also installed prints in colour when required so it is not the printer. Somewhere on my desktop I need to find how to get it to print in colour. I have printed a test page on the desktop and that prints colour but it will not print colour at any other time. Any ideas ?

  iscanut 11:53 27 May 2019

Problem solved. Printing preferences were not showing colour or greyscale options.Uninstalled current driver set and installed original set from CD that came with printer years ago. Colour or greyscale options now shown, selected colour and voila, all OK.

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