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HP Notebook turning on and off after HP logo shows

  Mtiinaa 20:19 24 Aug 2019

Hello, I need a help with HP ProBook 430 G2. 

Recently, it has begun to show me an alert that my storage capacity is very low and I should change the battery, but when I clicked enter, the notebook continued to work properly ( even without being connected to electricity) .

Yesterday,alert the came again, but after hitting enter, the alert showed again and again and I could not log in . I tried to pull the battery out and start the notebook only on electricity , but the screen was flashing , turning on and off ( i could only access the bios start up menu). So I went to buy a completely new battery , but it does the same thing - the computer is turning on and off all the time, sometimes even some weird random symbols occur on the screen. Any help would be very appreciated, thank you.

  BRYNIT 21:31 24 Aug 2019

Some HP laptops have there own diagnostic program that you can boot into and test the components of the laptop. I think if you pressing Esc on boot it will gets you into a boot menu listing the F key to select the diagnostic program. If your laptop does not have the diagnostic program available your instruction manual will tell you how to down load and install onto a USB. The instruction manual can be downloaded from the HP web site.

  Mtiinaa 21:34 24 Aug 2019

I had done that already and everything passed the test alright though.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:14 25 Aug 2019

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