HP Notebook laptop won't charge

  crespo 21:12 28 Aug 2013

Hi, my laptop has been starting to lose power even when i charge it. I've tried taking the battery out / holding down the power button and even storing it in the fridge. When it does charge it's only for a while at 99%. Can someone help me how to "hold the charge", as i sent off for a replacement and it's turned out to be the wrong one. Help !

  woodchip 22:08 28 Aug 2013

How Old it the Laptop and What Model is it, I am posting this from a HP 510 Laptop that is about 6 years old. Still on original Battery It as a mobile Centrino CPU 2.13Ghz

  woodchip 22:14 28 Aug 2013

PS My Model number is bottom right, on the screen surround

  woodchip 22:14 28 Aug 2013

PS My Model number is bottom right corner, on the screen surround

  alanrwood 09:36 29 Aug 2013

Sounds as though it has given up and needs to find its way to the Toxic Materials bin at your local disposal site. All the palliatives that you read about are rarely effective for long so a new battery is the only option I'm afraid.

  onthelimit1 11:20 29 Aug 2013

Some of them only last a couple of years or three. Recycle it and buy a new (correct) one, I'd suggest.

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