HP Network Printer

  arear 17:05 29 Nov 2003

I have ourchased a HP color laserjet 5 with a network card installed. I have configured it to print out from one computer across the network using a static IP. When I try to add it to other computers using its IP address it wont print. The only way I can share the printer is to set up one PC as the print server then others print throught that individual computer.
Is there a way of geting each computer to print individually to the printer or must it be shared with one computer as the print server?

  spikeychris 18:52 29 Nov 2003

No you don't have to use a print server. Have you set the printer to share and inputted the IP into each of the networked machines?

  recap 19:25 29 Nov 2003

As spikeychris sugests share the printer, once it is shared you can connect to the printer via network neighborhood. In network neighborhood right click the printer icon and select `connect`, this should then install the printer.

  madPentium 19:35 29 Nov 2003

what operating system are you using on the computers?
With XP the problems you are experiencing dont exist but I have had these problems when using 98. The printer I had problems with used a jetdirect card and you had to configure this using a pc on the network, not via the printer itself. The problem was, when you go into printer properties and look at details, the port called 'jetdirect' was not there. I had to install jetdirect on all computers.

  arear 20:16 29 Nov 2003

I am using windows XP. I set the printers IP address on the printer then tired to install a new port on each computer using that IP address. It will only work with one computer at a time so it is useless for sharing on the network.

  recap 14:34 30 Nov 2003

arear, When you set the IP address did you also check the port number setting? If the port number is not configured then the other printer will not see it.

  arear 07:51 01 Dec 2003

After teting again I found that there is actually no problem with it.

When computer "A" is printing and computer "B" tries to then computer "B" shows an error saying that it failed to print. As soon as the printing for computer "A" is complete then the erroneous print job from "B" prints.

Thanks for the help ppl

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