hp netbook xp or win 7

  nobbyhigo 22:14 11 Dec 2013

i have a hp mini 110 netbook running xp home just used for browing really Its getting a bit worn around the edges but runs ok I have a choice of the same model but a bit tidier running win7 starter from new What are my advantages with the win 7 regarding the O/S Both have 2gb ram thanks

  Batch 09:11 12 Dec 2013

Microsoft updates for XP are due to cease next April. You can still use the OS, but security flaws that are then discovered will not get patched. But if you have good antivirus / antimalware etc. the risks will be reduced.

XP will probably perform (a little) better than W7 with only 2GB of memory.

In the meantime XP Windows Updates may take an awful long time install each month (this is a common issue, see this thread).

Internet Explorer (e.g. v7 or 8) with XP will also be very slow and you would be well advised to install an alternative such as Chrome.

If you are not familiar with W7 there will be a bit of a learning curve.

  chub_tor 10:52 12 Dec 2013

Personally I think Win 7 starter is awful, it offers few of the Win 7 features and on my netbook I soon replaced it with Win 7 Home Premium. If you are buying new see if you can get the full version of Windows 7 installed although again personally I would go for Windows 8. You will have to go through a learning curve anyway when you upgrade from XP and Win 8 is much faster than Win 7.

  nobbyhigo 11:19 12 Dec 2013

Such good advise Thanks. You know what i am sticking with my XP Will take on board what you suggest about security and browser I have AVG ,SPYBOT,ANTIMALWARE.C CLEANER on now so i am doing OK Thing is i really like XP its good for wrinklies like me

  Batch 13:31 12 Dec 2013

"there's a serious and unfixed flaw with the updater taking 100% resource with svchost.exe"

Just to reiterate, my Acer D250 netbook has just taken 5 hours to do the latest Windows update of 11.1MB (I started it about 06:30 this morning and it eventually got round to downloading the updates around 11:30).

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