HP LP 2475w monitor and Nvidia Geforce 6200 graphi

  amccaffrey 13:58 08 Mar 2010

Currently using Dell Dimension 4600 desktop with 4G Ram. Recently upgraded Graphics card from Nvidia Geforce MX440 with AGP8X (64Mb)to Nvidia Geforce 6200 (512Mb) (both AGP cards). This was because I had replaced my Dell 17" Ultrasharp flatscreen monitor (1075 x 768)with the Hewlett Packard LP2475w 24" monitor (1920 x 1200) so that I could better design in 3D CAD.
I have already uninstalled the old driver software and installed the most up to date driver for the new card from the Nvidia site.
Problem: After startup, the screen displays all icons etc on the desktop but then suddenly condenses into 25% on the LH side. Any answers?
Have tried different cables (DVI to VGA) and still the same.

  GaT7 14:00 08 Mar 2010

Have you tried manually setting the screen resolution to 1920 x 1200? G

  amccaffrey 14:32 08 Mar 2010

The monitor comes with software to automatically do this. The only way that I can correct the situation is to set the monitor to 1024 x 768 before shutdown and after startup, the screen viewing percentage increases enough so that I can go to Start, Control Panel, display and then in settings, revert to 1920 x 1200. The whole screen then fills.I have to then revert back to the 1024 x 768 resolution before close down. Failure to do this means I cannot access the display. There is no cursor availability in the black part on the screen.

  GaT7 14:52 08 Mar 2010

"The monitor comes with software to automatically do this."

So I guess that's not working as it should?

I'm assuming you're using XP - is 196.21 the driver version you installed click here?

If yes, then try an older driver version - here are a few:

195.62 click here

191.07 click here

181.22 click here

Btw, you can also access Display Properties to change resolution, by right-clicking on any part of the Desktop, choosing Properties & then the Settings tab.


At times I have a similar problem to yours, but in reverse! On mine, most resolutions fill up the screen, but greater than the size of the screen - click here for a brief video (view in full screen for the best effect).

It happens on more than one graphics card & on all the GPU manufacturers I've tried so far: Intel (integrated), Nvidia & ATI.

Some drivers seem to work better than others, & the problem's completely cured. But not always. Anyway, I hope using different drivers works for you. G

  GaT7 15:02 08 Mar 2010

If not tried before, install the monitor driver click here.

I guess you've tried the utilities offered in the links below the monitor drivers? G

  amccaffrey 15:19 08 Mar 2010

Yes, I am using XP Professional and the driver version is 196.21. I have tried version 191.07 but the same symptoms.I'll try the other two drivers you have kindly linked.
I have not amended the monitor software but it appears that the screen suddenly shrinks as soon as the startup reaches the HP Display Assistant icon that located itself in the bottom RH row. I assume this is the startup icon.
btw, I tried the r. click for settings but the folder opens in the middle of the screen that is inaccessible to the mouse

  GaT7 15:45 08 Mar 2010

Try setting & saving a 1920 x 1200 resolution in the HPDA utility, then reboot to see if it makes a difference.

If no joy, disable HPDA from automatically starting with Windows in its settings. Or, if cannot be done there, disable it in Windows Startup.

To do the latter: Start > Run > type msconfig > OK. On the Startup tab, deselect the entry relating to HPDA > Click on Apply, OK & reboot.

Also try the monitor drivers click here. G

  amccaffrey 20:24 08 Mar 2010

Phew! After 6 hours trying to fix the problem I'm
taking a break. Uninstalled both Monitor software and Driver software. Although screen res. is crap the culprit points to the driver(s). I have tried all 4, all with the same result. Two of them were probably fixes for Vista...I have XP.
Removed all startups in msconfig to no avail.
I think I will have to find an alternative graphics card. Any suggestions? Require 256/500Mb on an AVG card.

  AL47 20:46 08 Mar 2010

i dunno if this may affect it or not, i have a dell u2410 [same panel i believe] and mine came with a ICM profile [which caused really poor colour reproduction in adobe CS4] i deleted this and it solved it, now it has no colour profile but none is better than wrong, im not 100% sure how much an icm file affects things tho

  GaT7 15:21 09 Mar 2010

Have you tried changing resolution in Nvidia's Control Panel? It's located at Control Panel > NVIDIA Control Panel. Open this up & click on 'Change resolution' under Display. Do you get an option to change it to 1920*1200, & if yes, what happens if you do? Does it maintain the resolution after rebooting?

Do any of the HP monitor utilities have anything to do with changing/maintaining the resolution? If yes, try them as well.

Nothing appears wrong with the card - i.e. in terms of its ability to display the required resolution. According to the official specs click here, it's capable of "display resolutions up to and including 2048 × 1536 at 85Hz".

But I guess to be able to further troubleshoot the problem, it'll cost a lot less to buy a replacement GPU rather than a replacement monitor!

They are all XP drivers btw - I made doubly sure before posting :-). G

  amccaffrey 16:02 09 Mar 2010

Respect your time on this Crossbow7!
It is very frustrating to have to go through the rigmarole of all this but I have to say I feel more confident now in using msconfig etc. As they say, the secret of diagnostics is to be methodical and save/write things down so you know you have done them.
However, I think the card is okay otherwise I wouldn't have an active screen.It's just the startup that is the nuisance. I was going to take the card back but I have decided to use the existing setup (until solved) as I cannot otherwise work in 3D CAD anyway so I am between a rock and a hard place at the moment!
There are very few replacement AGP cards available and the higher speed one's require 350W plus and I have only 250W available so it's time to move on.
I will now save up for a better spec desktop. Thinking about building my own. Have seen this site: click here
Intel Celeron, Pentium or AMD though?
Argh!! Too much information!

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