HP LaserJet 5MP Memory Upgrade

  Gaz W 16:37 20 Mar 2005

I have just installed 2 x 16 MB SIMMs into this printer, and it still reports the memory size as being 3MB instead of 35MB (which is the maximum memory this printer will take).

The printer takes standard SIMMs and when I opened it I noticed it had three SIMM slots, one of which was taken. I installed the 32MB in the two free slots.

I assumed that the SIMM already installed was the standard 3MB, but when I read about this printer on the net I find it says "3MB soldered onto the motherboard".

Is it just that this memory is the wrong type? I've now tried 3 sets of SIMMs (all two 16MB modules to make 32MB) but I can't seem to get it to work!

By the way, the way I check the memory capacity by pressing the two buttons on the top of the printer, and it prints out a page full of information, including the RAM size.

Does anyone know how to upgrade the memory in this printer?



  Gaz W 18:21 20 Mar 2005

It started showing an error on the front panel, which is supposedly a SIMM error. Removed all SIMMs and it was OK, but showed only 2MB memory. I installed the original SIMM that was in and it said 3MB again, so I assume the onboard memory is 2MB and the SIMM adds an extra 1MB. When I install any of my SIMMs now (either in pairs or just one) I get the error lights, so they must be incompatible.

Does anyone know what type of memory I require? Does it need to be supplied by HP, or is it just a particular type of SIMM?


  Gaz W 18:22 20 Mar 2005

Just read that I need "non-parity presence detect SIMMs" whatever they are... any ideas please?

  Gaz W 18:55 20 Mar 2005

I found a stick of non-parity memory from an old Compaq, only 4MB but I installed it and it works! Now I have 7MB instead of 3MB, so hopefully some of the problems I've had with out of memory errors will go away.

Anyway I'll now know what to buy if I want to upgrade the memory further.

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