HP Laser printer prints a smear down side of page

  Diemmess 09:57 20 Dec 2011

HP 2055D mono laser has been behaving itself beautifully since new, until now!

It is about 1/3rd of the way through its first refill and has started to print a smear down the left side of a sheet of A4 plus very faint repeated characters about the same distance as the circumference of the drum of the "photo conductive drum" as Epson would have called a predecessor.

The removable guts of this printer seem to be assembled and sealed by some mysterious process making any dismantling a one-way process.

It is possible, just, to wipe the green drum free of any toner, but in the past with another printer toner stuck on the drum would produce blank spots, not dark smudges.

Anyone with experience of this?

I refilled the toner early this year from a very well designed kit, but this time I think I shall have (as HP intended) to buy the complete refill/drum unit?

  rdave13 10:48 20 Dec 2011

Some help here?

  Diemmess 12:04 20 Dec 2011

Thanks rdave13

A very helpful link. I tried the halfway test and it confirmed the fuser is faulty. This would explain the series of happenings which I hadn't had before.

The old Epson laser I had before was at the budget end of the market and saw off at least two toner packages before I gave it away in the family. It became almost impossible to depend on a second side because the paper pathway was so primitive. You get what you pay for!

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