HP laptops

  russ-rich 18:28 03 Aug 2005

I have to buy a laptop for my son who is going to uni in september and was quite intrigued by the Hewlett-packard site which sells 'remanufactured and/or discontinued' laptops via Ebay.

Does anyone have views as to whether these are good buys or not and what is the downside - certainly price seems ok?

  woodchip 19:01 03 Aug 2005

If you want a Good laptop click here The Aries Range are good

  Forum Editor 19:28 03 Aug 2005

almost every laptop supplier runs special deals aimed at new university students - it's one of the busiest times of the year for laptop sales in the UK.

Shop around and you'll find lots of choice - Hewlett Packard have some good deals on their own site for instance - a decent laptop for under £400 isn't at all bad.
click here to check it out.

A word of warning - £50 or £100 saved now may be regretted six months down the line when your son's course hits its stride and (depending on his subject) he needs all the power he can get. If he's doing a science subject he'll have a heavy paperwork load - much of it will be spreadsheets - and plenty of RAM copmes in handy. If he's doing a course that involves lots of graphics and/or images he'll need lots of RAM, and a big hard drive - a 17" screen will also be a benefit.

As the father of three children, all of whom have been through university, I know only too well that there are quite a few demands on your wallet right now, but try to spend as much as you can afford on this computer - your son will be using it for at least the next three years, and he will probably only go to university once in his life.

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