HP Laptop Upgrade Need Info

  Plamen Stoyanov 01:06 12 Feb 2018

Hello guys,

I've got a laptop and I want to upgrade it to it's full potential.

Motherboard - HP 1858 /// Processor - Intel Core i3-2328M @ 2.2Ghz - Dual Core /// RAM - 6 GB DDR3 @ 1333Mhz - x2 Sticks ///

Any ideas anyone ? :)

  wee eddie 09:10 12 Feb 2018

About the only thing a punter can change on a laptop is the RAM and changing the Hard Drive to an SSD

  alanrwood 10:29 12 Feb 2018

Don't know if this will help. Frankly I would not even consider it.

The only thing I might consider is an SSD.

  Archie44 15:12 12 Feb 2018

go to Crucial and run their scanner it should tell you about what type of ram you already have and how you can upgrade. If you not sure how to change ram youutube has loads of info and crucial has info.

If you look on the net by typing in the hp model number and seruies you might be able to find a pdf file on you laptop

  Archie44 15:16 12 Feb 2018

If for whatever reason crucial cant find your system the try looking for the pdf file it should the maintenance one not the quick specs one

  Archie44 15:17 12 Feb 2018

or better still goon youtube see if someones done a review

  Plamen Stoyanov 19:34 20 Feb 2018


The HDD is Kingston SV300S37A240G 250 GB. Currently x2 RAM sticks to a total of 6GB @ 1333. I guess the only thing left is to upgrade the RAM a little bit and that's it. But should I got for 1x8 or 2x4 ?

  wee eddie 21:35 20 Feb 2018

Such an upgrade will bring little perceivable change. In other words, you would be wasting your money

  Plamen Stoyanov 23:31 08 Mar 2018

Time for a new machine :) Thank you everybody for the help!

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