HP laptop unbelievably slow and un-responsive

  charlton200 18:28 18 Jan 2012

Hi, I have an HP laptop g7-1101sa, about 6 months old. It is an AMD Phenom11 quad-core, 1.8GHz, 4GB RAM, 750GB. And i'm running windows 7.

I have had this about 6 months and it is so slow and unresponsive. Web pages hang and take about 20 seconds to turn over. It's impossible to have two open programs. When you click on something it just feels as nothing is happening. I run Norton security, Crap cleaner, malewarebytes, super antispyware. I clean up regularly. It is so frustrating, half my time is spent shutting windows down because nothing is happening.

Any ideas what is wrong, or should I send it back.


  Ibanez2010 18:39 18 Jan 2012

Norton Security. Uninstall it. And just use Microsoft Security Essentials instead.

  Bris 19:18 18 Jan 2012

This could be due to lack of available disc space or a process thats hogging the CPU. As a start point bring up Task Manager by ctrl/alt/del and choose "start task manager" then click on the process tab. This will give you what processes are running and the % of the CPU each process is taking. If you click on the CPU column it will sort the entries into high and low usage. Also check available disk space, ideally you should have around 20% free or more.

  charlton200 20:37 18 Jan 2012

I have checked the disc space and I have 600 GB free. I am not a heavy computer user but I hate it being this slow.


  Ibanez2010 21:22 18 Jan 2012

Have you tried checking Norton's settings or even uninstalling it? http://tinyurl.com/7osnsfn

  Secret-Squirrel 11:02 19 Jan 2012

"I have checked the disc space and I have 600 GB free. I am not a heavy computer user but I hate it being this slow."

Charlton, you haven't fully answered Bris's post. It's quite possible that there's a rogue process hammering the CPU and causing your problem so go into Task Manager and follow the advice given. You'll need to look at Task Manager when the laptop's fully booted, with all the programs open that you normally use at the same time, and when you're not actually doing anything. If you notice one or more processes in the list that are consuming a high percentage of the CPU then let us know the name of it/them.

Whilst you're there, click the "Performance" tab, look in the "Memory" graph on the left-hand side and let us know us know how much memory has been consumed.

PS: Norton used to have a dreadful reputation for slowing PCs down. That was a few years ago and the Norton security products are now quite light on system resources so there's no need to uninstall it. However, if it does turn out that Norton is the culprit then we can take it from there.

  baldydave 17:52 19 Jan 2012

Hi, go to microsoft on another pc and download this:


Set laptop to boot of cd and let it run as it just might be malware.

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