HP Laptop screen too large

  C3 23:55 12 Mar 2010

Hi all,

I've got a weird problem with an HP dv9500.

The screen is displaying too large even in the BIOS so it has nothing to do with the Windows display drivers or resolution settings.

I've just upgraded the BIOS to F59A which is the latest one on the HP website, but no change. The BIOS options are pretty non-existent on the dv9000s so there is nothing to change in there unless there is another BIOS mode I don't know about!

When the PC is in Windows you cannot see the taskbar, but it is there working ok.

Any ideas?

  rdave13 23:59 12 Mar 2010


  birdface 07:38 13 Mar 2010

press F11 like rdave13 said if it makes it worse press F11 again.
Or go to view and use the Zoom Control.

  C3 17:04 15 Mar 2010

Thanks for your replies, but I am not talking about Internet Explorer. The controls mentioned above do not affect the desktop.

I have hooked the laptop up to an external 22" monitor and the display is perfectly fine on that, I can see the full desktop incl. taskbar and both the monitor and the laptop are set at 1680x1050, so if I can see the taskbar on the monitor, but not on the laptop screen then where would the problem lie?

The default laptop resolution is 1680x1050 btw.

  birdface 18:46 15 Mar 2010

Have you tried opening I/E and make sure the window is restored down at the top right middle button.Then drag the sides and top and bottom to the size that fits the screen then switch it off using the red button at the top.
It should then open at the right size that you want when you open I/E again.
But not sure if it will make any difference to size on the External Monitor.

  woodchip 18:54 15 Mar 2010

if under warranty ring HP, you will find them very helpful I did with my HP510

  C3 20:47 15 Mar 2010

Buteman, the problem isn't with IE or any other explorer window. It is the desktop itself. As I said in my first post, even on POST, the initial HP screen is too large for the laptop screen by about 25%.
When I'm in the BIOS, you can't see the options on the right as you would normally see.
Hooked up to the external monitor, everything displays fine.

Woodchip - Unfortunately it isn't in warranty and HP (like Dell) won't even talk to you once they find this out!

  peugeot man 08:42 16 Mar 2010

This is a shot in the dark, but I would suggest you change your screen resolution settings so that the screen size is correct. Then I am guessing that when you reboot you will have the correct size on the POST screen as well.

I seem to remember having to do this following a video driver automatic update.

  coolcyclist 11:23 16 Mar 2010

Do a web search on "HP DV9500 graphics problems" or similar as there have been a number of problems with the Nvidia chipsets on HP dv9000 series laptop motherboards overheating causing various problems.

  C3 15:44 16 Mar 2010

Peugot Man - First thing I did when I got the laptop in the shop was check the screen rez! That's all fine.

Coolcyclist - I have a pile of DV9000s (and dv6000s) in my tech room that have died due to over heating. This particular one is running the Intel onboard graphics rather than the nVidia though. I'm thinking it's screwed anyway. There is nothing wrong with the physical screen display, just the size of the actual displayed picture.

I think I'm going to call it quits on this and he can contact HP to get it fixed as I'm pretty certain it is a graphics card issue which will need a motherboard replacement.

Thanks to all who responded!

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