HP laptop runs on power but doesn't charge.

  BigDunc 15:40 13 Jun 2010

My daughter's HP Compaq NC2400 laptop happily runs on AC power but doesn't charge. Pulling the charger's plug into the laptop towards the 'front' of the laptop restores the charge and little orange light. Is this easily fixable and/or a common problem?
Any advice appreciated.
Thanks in advance

  Dark Mantis 15:55 13 Jun 2010

It sounds like the socket is loose inside the laptop. This is quite a common problem as people move the leads etc whilst connected. If you can get at it you will probably(if you can solder) be able to fix it. The main bugbear is actually getting at the offending part.

  chub_tor 16:09 13 Jun 2010

This link click here is very slow to load but it does show you how to dissassemble your daughter's machine. How far you have to go to get at the socket I am not sure but you will have to at least expose the underside of the motherboard.

  BigDunc 16:16 13 Jun 2010

Thanks folks, will get cracking on this tonight.
Great link to dissassemble instructions!

  BigDunc 16:41 13 Jun 2010

Printed the instructions and by the look of things, I'm going to have to do a lot of dismantelling before I can access the internal socket. Is my reading of this correct?

As I don't really want to do this to someone else's computer!! With a very expensive replacement likely to be demanded if I get it wrong!!!

Thanks again

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