HP laptop restore discs

  Luca M 14:23 11 Aug 2007

I am wishing to delete the recovery partition on my HP dv2275ea laptop, but before doing so, create the HP backup DVD's using the inbuilt wizard. I run the wizard and get halfway through and then it says 'there are no CD or DVD writing drives in this machine, although it comes with a factory fitted DVD-RW drive. I have updated the software for the drive and it hasnt seemed to have made much difference. Does anyone know what might be the problem or where I can get hold of these discs?


  tullie 14:33 11 Aug 2007

What discs?

  Luca M 14:35 11 Aug 2007

The restore discs for the laptop that allow you to restore everything to factory settings.

  tullie 14:45 11 Aug 2007

The restore discs are what you create when you first get laptop,but if you intend to delete the recovery partition,the restore discs cant restore your system because youve deleated the partition

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:50 11 Aug 2007

no CD or DVD writing drives in this machine, although it comes with a factory fitted DVD-RW drive.

My computer - right click drive - properties - recording tab - tick enale CD recording on this drive.

See if that makes a difference.

  tullie 14:57 11 Aug 2007

Am i correct in what i said about recovery partition?

  Luca M 15:27 11 Aug 2007

I have done what you said and it has made no difference. Also Tullie, in the HP instructions, you can delete the partition but the DVD's still work. The DVD's are a replica of what the partition does.

  tullie 19:15 11 Aug 2007

I stand corrected,so why not give you the discs in the first place instead of recovery partition?

  Luca M 21:50 11 Aug 2007

I dont know, I just suppose that it gives the user a choice. Saves HP money on media too I guess.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:05 11 Aug 2007

I would advise AGAINST deleting the recovery partition, even if you can get the recovery dscs made.

A better choice would to be: purchase Acronis true Image and copy the complete drive to a dvd.

  Luca M 10:35 12 Aug 2007

Ok thanks Fruitbat, I will try that and keep the recovery partition.

Thanks again everyone!

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