HP laptop not holding 100% charge.

  crespo 17:53 01 Oct 2009

Hi there. My HP wireless laptop doesn't seem to hold its charge for very long.When i charge it up to 100%, it's fine for a few days.Then when the laptop is on AC power, the charge % starts to run down.I can see the icon in the system tray & can visibly see it dwindling.It's very annoying as i have to remove the battery and recharge it again, which is inconvenient and time-consuming.Then a few days later, the power decreases on AC power.

As a newbie silver surfer with little or no technical expertise in these matters, i would greatly appreciate any help.Thanks.

  woodchip 18:11 01 Oct 2009

sounds like the external charger as got a problem

  mooly 19:02 01 Oct 2009

Why do you have to remove the battery to charge it ? Do you mean you have to remove and then refit it back to get it to charge ?
On a modern laptop the battery is charged to 100% and then all charging current is removed. The charge then drops "slowly" until after say 3 days or so it's perhaps at 96% at which point the laptop should top up the battery back to 100% and the cycle repeats assuming that you are using AC power all the time.
How old is the laptop and battery. Most (not all) issues are down to a faulty or time expired battery.
When it's fully charged how long will it run the laptop for ?
You can also try removing AC power and the battery and holding the power button on for 20 seconds or so to remove any residual charge and "reset" the logic... don't think that will achieve anything but nothing lost.

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