HP Laptop not connecting

  Nessie 14:36 09 Sep 2010

I have an HP and an ACER Laptop. The acer connects to the internet hub all the time. The hp will only connect if the acer is not connected. Even if the Acer has wi fi on but is not connected to the hub then the hp will work. It is set up as dchp. any ideas

  woodchip 16:55 10 Sep 2010

It it does not work as expected you can roll back drivers in device manager

  Nessie 18:26 10 Sep 2010

tried new driver. It works as well as it used to but still wont connect when acer on. Was that driver not for ethernet. Thanks for all the help. May just have to put up with it or get a dongle

  woodchip 18:31 10 Sep 2010

its for both

  mgmcc 20:51 10 Sep 2010

The IPCONFIG /ALL details don't indicate any problem - both computers are getting valid addresses.

What you could try is to replace the DNS Server addresses (currently the IP address of your router as allocated by DHCP) with manually configured addresses of your ISP. If you go into the router's configuration pages and look at the Status page, you should see the DNS Server addresses which have been allocated to your connection by your ISP. Make a note of these.

Now go into the Network Connections folder, right click the Wireless Network Connection and select Properties. Highlight the entry for TCP/IPv4 and click the Properties button. Select the option to "Use the following DNS Server addresses" and enter those from the router.

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