HP laptop battery message

  Daisy22 17:27 17 Aug 2010

For the last few days if my laptop isn't plugged in it is running out of battery life very quickly, maybe 10 minutes. I've also had an error message pop up telling me that there appears to be a battery problem and it needs replacing.

The machine is only 18 months old, it is never on for more than 5-6 hours per day is this normal to run down so quickly.

Ever since I've had the machine the underneath of it gets very hot to the point where I can't actually have it on my lap without something underneath it.

Are these problems normal? Any suggestions as to how I replace the battery (buying one) appreciated. Thanks

  Daisy22 16:46 15 Oct 2010

I've sent them an email and am waiting for a reply, there is no indication of where to return things (that I could see) so am beginning to have some doubts about this company.

  northumbria61 19:58 15 Oct 2010

I do think they are a genuine company - they are listed here several times - click here- are located in the UK - Google shows them as "safe" - have outlets World Wide - located United States and Singapore.

I think the reason that there is no indication as to where to return items is because the returns policy does say - We do not allow returns without first requesting an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization)

  northumbria61 19:59 15 Oct 2010

Please let me know the outcome.

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