Hp Ip500 all in one touch smart - won't power up

  fourteen0407 14:42 20 Oct 2015

Hi all would appreciate some help. I've had this HP all in one touch PC for some time and never really had an issue.

Was using it fine this morning then an hour later when I can back to use it I tried powering it up but absolutely nothing, no noises or beeps either, it doesn't even flash when I press the power button. However I have noticed when I turn off the power supply at the socket, the power button on the PC has a faint orange light come on, but when you switch on the power supply at electric socket the orange light goes off but you still cannot power up PC. So I don't know where the PC is drawing power to light up this orange light. But the orange light is constant, I have tried holding the power button for 60 seconds but nothing and j have disconnected all leads apart from power plug.

Please any advice will be appreciated.

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