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  dogtrack 08:56 10 Jun 2005

Does anyone know if HP timelock there chipped colour cartridges??

Had an installed cartridge stop delivering BLUE. Removed and cleaned the terminals on both machine and cartridge, replaced, and yes, you guessed, no BLUE still.
Also noticed there was no Blue delivery at the nozzle when touched with tissue.

Installed new colour cartridge and printed test sheet...hey, everything now ok. Half a page later, the original symptom presented yet again. This time, YELLOW was missing. Redid the tissue test on the nozzle, and yet again no ink delivery, but this time the yellow.

Now, me thinks, there is mischief afoot. Had a look at the packaging date...July 2003 & March 2003 respectivly for the cartridges.

OK, so I dont do much printing. 2457 pages infact, according to the Test Sheet, since purchase in Jan 2001. But does that give HP the right to deny me access to little used, genuine, paid for products...or could it be the Machine is on the way out.

Have switched to Greyscale (black only) for the time being and touch wood my 1215 is behaving itself, in that mode.

All ideas and comments will be gratefully received, many thanks.

  De Marcus 09:01 10 Jun 2005

I gave up with my hp psc a long time ago, it's an ink gobbler if you do any kind of moderate printing, it now resides under my desk with refilled (inky fingers, etc) cartridges, all black including filling the colours with black, it's now a very fast (DRAFT MODE) black and white text printer/photocopier.

Sorry not much help ;-)

  Bagsey 09:49 10 Jun 2005

Try these compatible cartrdges. I have used them for years with no trouble at all. Reasonable prices and quick delivery

click here

  DieSse 11:03 10 Jun 2005

"Had a look at the packaging date...July 2003 & March 2003"

HP cartridges usually have an EXPIRY date, not a packaging date. In which case they are both well out of date.

When did you buy the new one? - maybe you can take it back and demand an in-date one?

  spuds 11:52 10 Jun 2005

Not saying this will work, but worth experiment. Turn your computer time/date clock back to pre July 2003 and try your print cartridges out again.This may give you an active chip indication.

  dogtrack 16:01 10 Jun 2005

....Err, hmmm. Bought the cartridges when i bought the printer....2001 'ish.

Thats a cool idea spuds, shall have a play over the weekend. Sounds very much worth a try, will let you know what happened.

Thanks all for the input.

  jack 17:21 10 Jun 2005

HP printers like Canon/Lexmark are bubble jets.
That is each colour printhead is a collection of tiny tubes 64+[depending on model] per colour.
Each tube has a built in heater.
On command the heat generates a little bit of steam and out spits a gobbet of ink.
Providing that is, A the printer is used frquently in colour mode - say once a week.
And B.The Carts are not too past the sell by date.
The great enemy is ink drying out in the tubes
One that happens it all over for the cart.

  jack 17:23 10 Jun 2005

Try this.

Put the cart in a Snap shut poly bag with a goodly
lump of damp tissue over the print head and leave ina cool place for a few days.

It might, just might free up.

  skeletal 19:10 10 Jun 2005

I had been using my HP 720 for a few years no probs. Then it stopped printing yellow. I changed the colour cartridge for a new one...and it still did not print yellow.

I bought a new printer (HP 5150).

Now for a whinge about that (too many things have gone wrong recently so I'm in a whinging mood). The stupid "how much ink is left" applet thingy. Well, after many prints it told me the black cartridge had virtually run out; OK I thought, any print now it will go pale and that's it. So I kept going, and going, and going and I got more messages telling me the end was nigh...

And it kept going...and I thought: perhaps its not using the black cartridge at all and the colour one has switched in automatically.

So I thought I'd better change it anyway. Having taken it off, it then dribbled ink...so there was still some left.

I would guess I printed several HUNDRED more pages after it had "run out".

Now I know it's just an estimate, but I would guess it was saying empty when it was still 2/3 to half full! Lucky it's not the sort that turns the printer off as well!

I'm going to try the same in my car...perhaps I can go on for ever in that as well!!


  TommyRed 20:59 10 Jun 2005

During a recent printer problem I was advised, off this site, to reset the print cartridge using this method click here it worked a treat, and my 'estimated ink levels' returned to full after I'd topped them up. I'd recommend a pair of tweezers for the tape. HTH TR

  De Marcus 21:03 10 Jun 2005

For anyone having trouble using compatibles on any of the following:

"This all-in-one product software utility will resolve print cartridge compatibility issues. This update is intended only for use with the HP PSC 1100, 1200 and 1300 series all-in-ones that exhibit print "Cartridge Compatibility" problems."

click here

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