HP G6093 Laptop problem

  mousee 22:00 13 Jun 2010

My sons 2 year old machine running 7 has decided to start acting funny, though its not amusing me at the moment, it will boot up as normal and just as it finished loading the icons onto the screen it freezes, I've tried running it in all safe modes but get the same result. It will not shut down either, I have to switch off at the wall, I've tried doing a system restore but after 20 minutes it shuts down and upon reboting I get a message saying "windows encountered a problem and had to shut down".

Any ideas

  Forum Editor 22:54 13 Jun 2010

and to find out what's going on it's necessary to run a few checks.

1. Has your son installed any new software recently, and if so, what?

2. Is the anti-virus software up to date, and has it recently run a full system scan?

3. Which version of Windows is installed?

4. How old is your son?

  mousee 23:13 13 Jun 2010

There has been no changes of software lately, I'm using Windows own AV and its kept up to date daily, I'm running Windows 7 and my son is almost 10, I must add my son has autism but luckily he's not badly affected and is very intelligent and will not download anything without asking me.



  Forum Editor 23:16 13 Jun 2010

If so, was it a clean install, or did you run an upgrade, and how long ago was it installed?

From what you say it sounds as if you have been unable to run the system restore - is that correct?

  mousee 23:22 13 Jun 2010

It was an upgrade I installed about February, the machine has been working fine until now, your correct I caan't get run System restore, the machine won't let me.



  robin_x 23:40 13 Jun 2010

Don't rely on Windows, try a 3rd party AV.

Norton and McAfee charge...

avira and avg are free.

Install and run. I prefer Avira, and it is well reviewed.

Also, download and run Malwarebytes (scan).

WHen you get your PC working again, see Control Panel, Backup and Restore options and make a system image.

Can also use EASEUS Todo Backup, Acronis, Seagate DiscWizard, WesternDigital (if you have one of their drives)

See cnet.com / WIndows and search for downloads.

In dire circumstances, before you go for factory reset, try Combofix.

I suspect if your restore is not working, you have picked up a virus.

  robin_x 23:47 13 Jun 2010

WinPatrol also can run alongside your AV.

It 'barks' at you when a progran tries to do something naughty.

Also good summary of startup programs and services.
(like msconfig but much better)

Disable/delete annoying stuff to your heart's content.

A nice site follows....investigate freeware for anything with explanations/reviews...

click here

  robin_x 23:54 13 Jun 2010

And...ppps...prevention is better than cure...

Goto mywot.com and install.
(WOT = Web of Trust), warns against visiting doddgy website.


Get Adblock plug-in for your browser.

MVPS Hosts file

Happy Googling

  Graham. 23:54 13 Jun 2010

'It will not shut down either, I have to switch off at the wall'

Is it running just on mains, then?

  mousee 00:21 14 Jun 2010

I've never used the battery in it, it will start in safe with networking mode but I cannot get into anything to make changes, I happen to have a big mallet though, my mate who worked for the BBC used to carry a hammer and a condom with him, he said, "if I can't fix it, I'll **** it".


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