danp08 18:33 12 Mar 2008

can anyone help! the optical drive on my laptop is not working.up to a few days ago it was working fine i was ripping music into windows media player as normal everything hunky dory,then i decided to copy some files on to a DVD R disc(music photos that sort of thing).this happened no problem,, then i removed the disk, and put it back in to the drive, and the drive started up then it stopped, so i took the disc out again and put it back in, and now it won`t work at all with any disc`s i want to play,it just makes a noise for a few seconds and then nothing.ive tryed everthing i can think of such as unistall then reunstall drivers but nothing,also drivers are up to date,but when i click on properties it says used space full(DVD RW DRIVE (E)).help!! iam on vista basic

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