HP G55 Power supply

  beeuuem 18:50 29 Jul 2003

My sister has a G55 which has stopped functioning.
It is out of warranty so HP aren't interested, beyond selling her a new one, as she discoverd after spending half an hour on the 'phone to them.
Power is reaching the machine, the mains indicator light glows, but there is no other sign of life.
My feeling is that an internal fuse may have blown. Does anyone know if the PSU is fused?
Were I closer I'd open it to have a look, but a 4 hour drive isn't an option at the moment.

  Philip2 01:56 30 Jul 2003

I do not have a HP but my PSU is not fused if you do not know anyone well up in IT take it to PC World clinic.Any beebs from the bios?? if you have a RAM problem computer will not boot.

  beeuuem 01:40 02 Aug 2003

Not resolved - yet.

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